A bit about me. 

I'm an actor, creator, improviser, and theatre facilitator from Venezuela, living in Montreal since 2006. 

I love collaboration, movement, and magic. I love performing. Working with my body, sensing how my somatic impulses trigger thoughts and emotions, and tuning into to how best to  bring an audience on this journey - this will forever be the engine of my creativity. However, since my first play, Elsewhere, a solo mask performance about the crisis in Venezuela, I also can't seem to stop writing.  

As a a creator, my stories come from a place of urgency. The world is on fire, and my stories tap into this. My process is physical. I use memory, physical impulses, and my imagination to generate improvisations, stories and text. I move sensation through my body - imagery emerges. From here, I develop narrative. Creating from a physical place reveals hidden truths. 

I'm always seeking balance (is true balance even possible?) between my creative pursuits and my family. I try to spend as much time as possible with Rosa Esperanza, and Anna Alegría, my bright little lights.

 I'm proud to be represented by Haus of Marc.